About Us

Besides the Marxman machines, SWI became a popular manufacturer of custom built rollforming machines.  Through the 1990′s, SWI grew into one of the largest rollformer manufacturers in Australia.

Long slitter/folders were added to the SWI lineup soon after and still remain one of SWI’s most popular lines.  Since moving into  their new high-tech facility in 2008, SWI have installed on average, one new long folder every 2 weeks.

SWI equipment is known internationally for its robust, high quality construction that allows decades of trouble free operation with minimal maintenance.  Our aim is to provide high up-time equipment at a competitive price.  SWI’s reputation is the envy of Europe’s best machinery houses.

SWI’s equipment is currently in operation in some of the world’s highest volume sheet metal markets including India (Mumbai,Delhi, Chennai), China(Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou) and Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan).

SWI equipment is equally well placed in smaller volume applications throughout regional sheet metal markets.  SWI’s willingness to provide support to smaller workshops in more remote locations has attracted regional customers to the value that SWI provides.

Feature for feature, SWI equipment is proven to be more cost effective than seemingly less expensive “low cost” equipment.

SWI possess a unique ability to offer European quality without the European price tag.  This is due to SWI’s complete control over all manufacturing processes.  Our machines are 100% manufactured in our Warrnambool workshop.  SWI have a strong relationship with a major steel stockist providing much of our material requirements.    Our OEM suppliers can generally supply to SWI within 24 hours.

In addition, SWI has a complete range of CNC manufacturing capabilities (to 14m), in-house electrical and hydraulic assembly and testing, powder coating and nickel plating.  We do not outsource any manufacture.  Our technicians have been trained by industry leaders.

SWI has about 20 full time staff.  Due to the use of CNC machining centres, our employees can operate two or more manufacturing processes at a time.  Automation of our processes allows us to produce very high quality machinery with minimal labour costs.  All of our machinery is designed using CAD workstations.

We are delighted to welcome visitors to our Warrnambool manufacturing facility.