SWI Duplex folders have “leap-frogged” the competition. When designing the Duplex, we listened to what out customers wanted from an up & down folder. We listened to what they didn’t like about other machines on the market. The Duplex eliminates the inefficiencies seen in other up & down folders through intelligent design and incredible ease of use. Those of us who have used the SWI Duplex know that it’s easier to use than any traditional long folder.

And then we tested it with real flashings from one of the largest roofing companies in Australia. We now know that the SWI Duplex has at least 57.7% more capacity than a traditional long folder. In one test, we achieved 82.2% capacity improvement.

To complete our package, we kept our costs under control by using modern, efficient manufacturing processes. We don’t need to cut down on quality to maintain great pricing. Ask us about the pricing of our popular 8.2m x 1220mm x 2.0mm Duplex today. Why settle for a light-weight compromise when you can have what you really want?

  • Robust, 32mm, 350MPa Arm construction
  • By far, the easiest up & down folder to use
  • Heavy duty maintenance free bushings
  • Full depth 1220mm throat
  • Simultaneous apron movements for faster folding times
  • Extremely simple tapering
  • 30% Stronger
  • More backgauges
  • Closer minimum gripped distance
  • “STEP” mode, allows easy handling of large workpieces
  • Higher clamp opening
  • World leading “Allen Bradley” controller
  • Automatic gauging allowance
  • No “custom made” electronics
  • Replaceable hard steel clamp inserts
  • Automatic radius
  • Safety beyond any other
  • Powerful slitter drive to 2.0mm
  • 1 button change Simplex/Duplex mode
  • High quality Rexroth hydraulics
  • Automatic slide lubrication
  • eBend- 1 touch direct job download from your customer
  • Infinite job library
  • Networkable
  • Integrate with Marxman Triplex by Barcode Scanner
  • Remote Tech assist
  • Rollforming Options
  • CAD designed & CNC manufactured